West End Chiropractic

If you are reading this, it means you or someone you care about is in pain. This could be back pain, headaches or a sports injury to name but a few. Wherever your pain and whatever the cause, I Dr AK Gangat can help find it and fix it!

I will take time to listen carefully, make a thorough examination, diagnose correctly and treat the cause effectively.

With chiropractic treatment you will enjoy a few extra health perks - fewer headaches, restful sleep, less stress, posture improvement, back pain relief, fewer colds, more energy and better co-ordination. I will treat your condition whilst adjusting your health holistically. Spinal Health and Adjustments can be a part of a healthier you. With West End Chiropractic, you are literally the first adjustment away from getting better and staying that way!

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West End Chiropractic

West End Chiropractic Is located inside Mutual Park in Pinelands Cape Town and was opened by Dr. AK. Gangat in 2008. It is part of the West End Mall facility at the Old Mutual building, which caters to not only Old Mutual staff but to the general public as well.

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1st Floor West End Mall
Mutual Park
Jan Smuts Drive
Cape Town

  021 820 4711 / 021 686 3786